Millian Church is a Rockville Methodist Church

What Will You Discover At Millian Church?  

A community daring to change

Growth comes over time,usually slowly though sometimes in spurts. Through the people, things, and circumstances in our lives, we seek the presence of Christ. Millian is a church that is able to boldly look at the places we have been and to confidently allow ourselves to be reinvented to become the people that God wants us to be today. Through God's guidance and love, we seek to place ourselves in the path that God has created.


A community in the Methodist tradition

All that we do is grounded in our Christian faith and our Methodist roots. As people of the Methodist tradition, we are guided by our understanding of Scripture, our Christian traditions, our ability to reason things out and our experience of where the Holy Spirit leads. Millian believes strongly in being a integral part of our community, and we seek to be good neighbors and friends.

Birthplace of MillianThe history of Millian

Millian began in 1952 as a congregation that worshiped in a move theater in the growing area of Wheaton Woods. For many years, Millian was a cornerstone of the neighborhood, a place where the community gathered, the church that the mailman told new families to come and check out.